Arcsky X55 + Aerial OGI

Introducing the Arcsky X55 with AerialOGI – a turnkey solution and game-changer in leak detection. Collect HOURS of data in a single flight, then leverage our slick reporting tool to swiftly transmit actionable data to your Leak Detection and Repair software suite, faster and more accurately than ever. The X55 is truly remarkable because the engineers at Arcsky applied tuning, style, and brilliance to maintain dead-on stability for our OGI payload. This becomes crucial in Gas Enhancement Mode (GEM), especially when your pilot is in pursuit of the smallest leak. Extend your missions, keeping them airborne longer to maximize efficiency.

AerialOGI is ready to demonstrate this setup NOW! Give us a call, and we’ll come to you, providing onsite training for your pilots.

The remarkable stability of the Arcsky X55 is a testament to the exceptional tuning skills of the engineers behind its creation. Their expertise in fine-tuning the hybrid propulsion system, incorporating both electric and gas components, has resulted in an aircraft that stands out for its stability and reliability.

The combination of cutting-edge tuning and hybrid technology not only maximizes flight time but also ensures a smooth and controlled operation, setting the X55 apart as one of the most stable platforms in its class. This dedication to precision tuning enhances the overall effectiveness of the drone, making it an invaluable tool for prolonged and intricate aerial missions.

This hybrid drone’s extended flight time allows pilots to meticulously survey vast areas, identifying numerous leaks with a simple push of a button on our intuitive capture software. The seamless integration of the captured data into Leak Detection And Repair software (LDAR) ensures actionable insights, making the X55 a highly efficient tool for environmental monitoring.