Vision Aerial's SwitchBlade-Elite Tricopter


AerialOGI's Optical Gas Imaging payload

      AerialOGI on the Vision Aerial SwitchBlade-Elite Tricopter

In unmanned aerial technology, Vision Aerial has introduced a noteworthy innovation – the Switchblade-Elite tricopter.

Collaborating with AerialOGI, this partnership aims to bring pragmatic solutions to industries dependent on accurate gas visualization. The Switchblade-Elite, featuring its tricopter design, ensures both stability and convenience. Its travel-friendly case not only simplifies the airline check-in process but also effortlessly accommodates the drone in the back seat of a car, highlighting its ease of transport for leak detection missions on the move.

The distinguishing factor of this collaboration lies in its shared mission: to offer customers a diverse range of platforms capable of carrying AerialOGI’s optical gas imaging payloads. This strategic approach facilitates the optimal selection of aircraft based on mission requirements, emphasizing precision and efficiency.

Our incredibly user-friendly reporting software seamlessly integrates with the Switchblade-Elite! In the event of identifying a hydrocarbon leak, a simple button push generates actionable data instantly, facilitating the creation of comprehensive reports or direct input into your Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) software suite.

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