AerialOGI Precision Solutions in Aerial Optical Gas Imaging

Welcome to AerialOGI, where innovation meets environmental responsibility. As pioneers in aerial optical gas imaging, we design and build cutting-edge payloads to empower your operations. From deploying our skilled pilot network for leak detection services to offering customizable solutions with a range of drone options, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing how oil companies safeguard against hydrocarbon leaks.

Detect Leaks. Minimize Downtime. Maintain Productivity


AerialOGI combines our thermal imaging cameras with a full suite of oil and gas leak detection capabilities.

Methane emissions can be identified and analyzed in real-time, allowing gas leaks to be recognized and treated while keeping the rest of the plant operational.

Not just tied to one drone model, its adaptability to a variety of enterprise drones lowers costs and means operators can choose the UAV that works for their facility.

Its versatility and world-class performance make it capable of all on-site LDAR needs.


In place since 2016, the EPA’s Quad Oa regulations make the AerialOGI crucial, allowing facility operators to comply with environmental regulations and keep their staff safe.

Our OGI means that site inspections are easier, faster, and cheaper.

There’s no need for staff to seek out leaks or put themselves at risk trying to gain access. Industry-leading automated leak detection gives you the complete picture of your site, reducing your risk of any liability.


Identify problems before they become real issues.

AerialOGI means that leak detection, tank inspection, and regular maintenance are easier than ever. This complete image of the facility lets you detect and treat leaks early.

Nobody wants to see the whole site closed over a fault that could have been identified before.

Reduce site inspections. Reduce forced downtime. Maintain the productivity of the refinery.

Our software creates an incident that can be delivered to your LDAR software. Your pilot can focus on safety, and flying. We’ll do the reporting. 

Innovation and Experience

We’ve made our name creating solutions that never existed before, using the latest technology and in-the-field experience to constantly develop and lead the industry.

Our experience and the partnerships we have built give us access to the best equipment available.

This is why we are consistently the team chosen when a job requires real experience and the ability to adapt and develop, to change in response to constantly changing problems.

All of the software, all of the hardware, all of the experience to give you the full picture.

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