Sony Airpeak + Optical Gas Imaging

The Sony Airpeak, equipped with the AerialOGI payload, presents a cutting-edge solution that is 100% NDAA compliant, ensuring adherence to rigorous standards. Developed exclusively by the AerialOGI team, every line of code reflects their commitment to security and compliance. Beyond its regulatory merits, the Airpeak boasts remarkable flight stability, supporting waypoint mission planning and automated keyframes for precise control. With a flight time of 20 minutes, it delivers efficient performance, while the user-friendly interface of the Sony Airpeak flight app enhances the overall experience, making it a standout choice for aerial missions.
The Aerial Optical Gas Imaging team relies on the Sony Airpeak for a diverse range of service missions and rental fleet. Airpeak also has real time display of gas detection presented to the pilot when equipped with MethaneMapper.