Sony Airpeak drone with AerialOGI's Optical gas imaging (OGI) payload for leak detection

Sony Airpeak

The Sony Airpeak, equipped with the AerialOGI payload, presents a cutting-edge solution that is 100% NDAA compliant, ensuring adherence to rigorous standards. Beyond its regulatory merits, the Airpeak boasts remarkable flight stability, supporting waypoint mission planning and automated keyframes for precise control.

High-precision optical gas imaging (OGI) camera mounted on DJI M350 drone for leak detection

DJI Matrice 350

At AerialOGI, we are thrilled to bring you the latest innovation in drone technology – the DJI Matrice 350. Designed to meet the demanding needs of professional users, this robust and versatile drone is set to redefine your aerial capabilities.

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Vision Aerial Switchblade

The Aerial OGI sensor, integrating the Sierra-Olympia core, is your ultimate solution for comprehensive gas surveillance and environmental compliance. Integrated with Vision Aerial’s Switchblade-Elite drones, this sensor offers Gas Enhancement Mode (GEM) which allows for the user to colorize gas plumes or leave it in grey scale.

Arcsky X55

Introducing the Arcsky X55 with AerialOGI – a turnkey solution and game-changer in leak detection. Collect HOURS of data in a single flight, then leverage our slick reporting tool to swiftly transmit actionable data to your Leak Detection and Repair software suite, faster and more accurately than ever.

Optical Gas Imaging FreeFly Systems Astro AerialOGI Payload

FreeFly Astro

Unveiled at the 2022 Commercial UAV Expo, our showcase introduces the Freefly Systems Astro, the inaugural American-built optical gas imaging drone equipped with our cutting-edge AerialOGI payload.